Busy Mama Coloring Co-Parenting Planner - 2018 Dated

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Aone-of-a-kind hand drawn coloring CO-PARENTING planner and life organizer, designed specifically for busy co-parents just like you! Get organized while staying creative, and stay on top of blended family schedules with the completely customizable Busy Mama Planner: Co-parenting Edition.

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*These pages are copyrighted material and are not to be replicated or resold.*

  • Keep track of you and your family’s important information.
  • Special co-parenting pages give you space to track custody schedules, holiday plans, extracurricular activities, and more!
  • Stay on top of important dates, gifts, and goals!
  • Keep it custom – take pages in and out as you please!
  • Monthly and weekly calendar pages give you freedom to plan the way you like.
  • Relax and de-stress by coloring through each page, plus all the additional coloring pages throughout.
  • and so much more!!

With the Busy Mama Coloring Planner: Co-parenting Edition, all your thoughts are collected in one place. You can keep track of  everything – from family schedules to bill due dates, from medical info to weekly to-do lists. Jot down all your thoughts down on paper in a neat, organized way. Plus, you get to choose the colors! There are coloring pages and doodles throughout the entire Busy Mama Coloring Planner: Co-parenting Edition, and you get to decide what colors go where and relieve stress while you’re at it!

Why a Coloring Planner?

Coloring is a relaxing way to calm the mind and unwind after a hard day. It reduces anxiety, helps you focus, and promotes mindfulness. Plus, it gives you an excellent excuse to get creative with your kids! You can color together!

What’s Included

Every planner comes with monthly 2-page spread calendars, weekly calendars also across 2-pages, contact information pages, coloring pages, note pages, and lots of extra goodies. Those extra goodies include:

  • Password cheatsheet.
  • Medical information charts.
  • Insurance and doctor pages.
  • “When was the last time I…” cleaning list.
  • Reading bucket list.
  • Dates to remember page.
  • Gift list.
  • Monthly goal sheets.
  • Bi-weekly grocery lists.
  • And more!

The Co-parenting Edition also has additional co-parenting pages. These include:

  • Co-parenting goals sheet.
  • Additional blank contact information page.
  • “Custody at a glance” calendar.
  • Weekly schedule page.
  • Extra curricular activities sheets.
  • Holiday schedules pages.
  • School holidays page.

Remember – this listing is for PDF DOWNLOAD ONLY. You will need to print and bind to complete your planner!

Have fun with your new planner!!