"To the Childless Stepmom on Mother's Day" Email Series

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Please note: this email series has already begun. If you purchase on May 3rd or later, you will not receive all 7 emails. 

“To the Childless Stepmom on Mother’s Day” is a 7-day email series that will drop a new email full of inspiration, insight, and tips to navigate the holiday without kids of your own, into your inbox each day.
As a childless stepmom who has had her fair share of lonely, disappointing, and sad Mother's Days, I recognize how heavy the holiday may feel. I've learned how to transform the holiday into one that I look forward to each year, and I'm eager to help you do the same!
This series will run May 3-9, 2021.

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Thank you!

The email series was a lifesaver to me, I have a hard time each year around mothers day and this helped me feel less alone in my struggles. I started looking forward to the emails and really appreciated them. For sure I'll sign up again next year (if it's continued). HUGE THANK YOU!!!! for starting this series. What most resonated with me was remembering that my step sons loving their mom shouldn't be compared to the love they have for me. Yep, it's different and always will be...but because they love their mom doesn't mean they don't love me too (we have a great relationship so I'm lucky). I'll keep that with me on the days I struggle :-)



Happy Mother’s Kristen!!

You have gotten me through the hardest week for me.

I appreciate the daily emails and especially your message today. Today’s message has touched my heart and put a smile on my face.

thank you for seeing me

Thanks to you I feel that someone sees me 🥰


To be honest, I felt a bit silly paying for this service at first, but I decided, it's not that expensive, and why not, I deserve something nice for myself! So I signed up ... and the first email I received, I was in TEARS. It was overwhelming to hear from someone who knew EXACTLY what I was going through, because she'd been there already! I recommend this to anyone new at this whole stepmom thing, and even to those who think they have it all figured out ... I didn't even realize how much I needed to hear that I'm not alone in this. Thanks Kristen!